Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Joys of Apartment Living

Apparently our downstairs neighbors are ass-hats, for lack of a better term.  Prior to the "Monday Night Incident" I thought they were kind of weird anyway because the guy wears a fishing hat and a long wool coat... he looks rediculous in them... and they have a Mitsubishi Montero, which is a Toyota Landcruiser wannabe, not to mention the "I love my Sharpei" sticker on the back...  You get the point, right?

So Monday night, we are playing around with the dogs in the house, trying to get some of their energy out.  We are chasing them and they are barking (and its around 6:30).  Well about 15 minutes later as we are getting ready to take them out for a potty walk, there is a knock on the door.  The girl that lives downstairs asks us to keep it down because sometimes it gets a little loud... Oh, I didn't know we were doing the complaint thing... I bit my tongue because I didn't want to start a fight. However, there were a few things I would like to tell them...

First off, you smoke in their apartment. Now, I'm all for getting to do what you want in the place you are paying rent for, but since the smoke comes up into our apartment (partially due to the shitty construction of the place), its affecting my life.  You are silently giving me cancer, bitch!

Secondly, whenelver you are out of the apartment, their dog barks constantly, like every 4-7 seconds!  Luckily for some reason, our dogs don't pay attention to it, otherwise we would have a crazy barkfest going on... but its severely annoying on my days off when I'm trying to watch tv in my living room and your dog is barking his fool head off!  Your dog has seperation anxiety and maybe if you played around with him like we do with our dogs, it would be tired when you left and wouldn't freak out all day long!  Mind you this doesn't just happen on Saturdays, its any day of the week when they aren't there. Most of the time, I'm at work so I don't hear it, but Jeremy gets a daily treat.

Third, you chose to live in an apartment, and you picked a bottom floor apartment... News flash: if you don't want to hear noise from other people, move into a house.  Since there is someone usually within 20 feet of you where ever you are in your place, you are going to hear noise... and you are always going to hear us walking around! There is nothing I can do to help you.

Lastly, you chose to be a pet owner... therefore you need to be more tolerant of noise around you! Pets lead a noiser existance (whether you are home or not)... you have to accept that other people are going to make noise too, especially if they have pets.  Just deal with it already. We only play for about 30 minutes a day and we are in bed by 9pm! You will get your required sleep, don't worry. 

Oh, and on a final note, don't even think about having a party, we will break that shit up before your last guests even get to dip thier first chip!

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  1. this whole comment is so Mia I can barely stand it!!!! makes me miss freaking out at our next store neighbors and their should've thrown friday's mouse downstairs onto their porch!! xoxoxo