Wednesday, December 23, 2009

last day of work!... before vacation, that is...

i guess you could say this morning was a little rough getting to work.  last night, i got home from my cousin's engagement party around 7:30.  reggie proceeded to be super needy for the next 3 hours, while butters threw up at 9:30pm, 2:00am, 4:00am, 4:45am, and 7:00am right after i put her in her crate to leave for work... so needless to say, i was running late... then i get on the highway and see that it is backed up for an indeterminate distance. i guess a car had flipped over... i hope everyone was ok... there were 2 fire trucks there and about 6 police cars... luckily, i was only about 10 minutes late to work.

today we are having a luncheon (lagsana made by the wheatmarket), which will hopefully make the day go by a little faster... and i get to look forward to the bottle of wine that we usually get from our bosses as an xmas present.  i also have to go over a proposal with our sales rep and the catalog edits with marketing... so hopefully, i can suck up the morning with meetings...

anywho, tonight we are going to target to get a humidifier because i am dying of dryness! and then who knows! i don't have to be accountable for another 11 days! haha

hope everyone is having a merry gear-up to xmas! and i hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

un-HAPPY 1st day of winter!

we are starting off this lovely season by watching the History Channel special Sniper: In the Crosshairs... its a pretty awesome special... some of the stuff those guys can do is amazing! too bad its a boy's only club... women aren't allowed in infantry... oh well, i guess maybe there are some lines we shouldn't cross?

waiting for the spaghetti pie to finish cooking in the oven so we can eat dinner! yum! can't wait!

tomorrow night is the engagement party for my cousin and his finacee, which means, getting to spend more time with the fam this week... should i be happy or sad about that? but good news, only 2 more days of work this week! yahoooooo!!!!!!

alright i will leave you now! sorry for the short post!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

cooking up a storm... hopefully not another snow storm!

snowed in today... well not so much, we have suvs so we have been out and about this morning... breakfast at the cromwell diner followed by a trip to stop and shop to get stuff to make:

a giant cupcake (mine doesn't look quite like this because my pan is from williams-sonoma)
spaghetti pie
beef stew

i've been cooking for about 2 hours now. I have baked the cake, but still need to make the frosting. the stew has been simmering in the oven for 45 minutes. the spaghetti pie is assembled and in the fridge waiting to be cooked tomorrow night for dinner. all the pots and pans have either been cleaned or put in the dishwasher! yay!

anyway, we are having a relaxing day at home... hubbster is playing video games... oh and last night i made a gingerbread house!

its not quite as beautiful as the pi house i made with k-ra and lers senior year, but its all i could manage by myself! so take it or leave it!

alright frosting time! we got cute sprinkles to top off the cupcake! snowflakes and candy canes!!!! yahoo!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

my views on the bailout... aka i'm going political on your asses

so since a snow storm (that we are still waiting for) decided to crap on all my weekend plans, i figured i was obligated to write something today to at least keep lers entertained on monday when she gets back to work... so here is my rant about the "little" bank bailout situation:

i think the stupidest thing that could have been done with our money, was in fact what happened... why give the "people's" tax money back to them? what on earth would be the point of that??????? noooo, lets give it to all the banks that are having a hard time because they over extended themselves on loaning out money... that way their executives can continue to spend $200,000 on vacations, and God forbid they have to shop at the Gap or Target like the rest of us, so please, spend my money keeping them in Michael Kors or Armani Suits...

Here is a novel idea... how about we, the people who have been paying all these years, get the money back for ourselves... the economy is bust, don't you think we could use more than $600 to stimulate it? we all have debt! i don't know a single person that doesn't... why not help "the people" out? did you know that the bailout averaged out to around $31,000 per tax payer????? wtf!?!?!?!?!? how did i have no say in where 30k of my money was going? i could certainly have used that to pay off some of my debts... and then the banks wouldn't be over extended anymore... that old 2 birds, 1 stone theory? well someone should have applied it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now all these banks are starting to repay the money... great! but what are we going to do with it??? pay back the 2 trillion of national debt... haha fat chance! give "the people" a chance to get their debt under control? hahahaha i can't even answer that one with a straight face... but use it for universal health care coverage? that is actually only going to increase the cost of health care? i think the men in the military say it the best: find the most logical way to do something, and then... do the opposite... yeah that sounds about right!

so yes, i definately disagree with the way the current administration is handling things. i hate that my hard earned tax dollars are going for things i have no control of... however i will say this... the one thing i will never argue with is increasing military spending... when that happens, i will always keep my mouth shut, but that is a topic for another post.

good night and good luck!

Friday, December 18, 2009

frustrated friday

started off the day by making the 25 min drive to work, only to realize i forgot my gift for the gift exchange so had to drive all the way home and then all the way back! not the best way to begin...

we are doing a toys for tots gift swap... meaning we drew a name of someone we work with and bought a toy with them in mind. after that person unwraps the toy, all the toys are donated to toys for tots... i guess its good in theory, but i'm sad i'm not getting any surprise booze from the yankee swap this year (thats a white elephant for all you non-new englanders... like my husband).

anyway, thank goodness for happy hour after work today! hopefully i will live through the day to make it there! also getting my new tires put on the car tonight! yahoo! because tomorrow, there is supposed to be an epic snow storm hitting us... which, sadly, may hinder our trip to boston... but we are playing it by ear! so who knows what may happen... maybe a Christmas Miracle?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

If life deals you lemons...

make lemonade; if it deals you tomatoes, make Bloody Marys. But if it deals you a truckload of hand grenades... now THAT'S a message!

and so it celebrations commence tonight... work party at the ivory; tomorrow night: kevin's party at nikitas; saturday: xmas party of ms. lers and mr gately... next tuesday: engagement party for my cousin, next thursday: forristall annual xmas eve blowout... we are going to be busy little bees for the next 1.5 weeks!

got a call from bj's today... my new tires are in, so i'm going to get those put on the car at some point over the next 3 days... also hearing it might snow sunday? yuk with a side of yuk!

i don't know if i can express how excited i am that a week from today i will be on my xmas vacation!!!! sleeping in for 11 days in a row? yes please! no plans for travel other than back down to c-town for Monte Xmas... hopefully i will be a motivated little suzy homemaker and cook every day for my hubby! but more than likely, i will probably be reading!

alright, signing off for the day... i see a black-n-gorgonzola chicken sandwich in my future!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

sleepy, sleepy wednesday...

i am starting the day fighting with my eyelids to keep them open. just ran to the caf to get a cup of coffee to coax them into seeing for the next 9 hours... we'll see how that goes...

our new bed is devine! last night we were watching julie and julia, which by the way, is actually a very funny movie, and all i would think was how comfortable the mattress was... which made it all the more difficult to drag my ass out from under my 700 thread count sheets (yes, my parents call me the princess and the pea)...

last night we went to target and got the last of the neices and newphews gifts for xmas... shipping the last box today or tomorrow (because tomorrow is the cut off date for shipping in time for xmas... it's also, coincidentally free shipping day at a lot of retailers, so you should check out and see if any of your favorite retailers are participating).

hoping i get a call from bj's today that my tires came in... im running on baldies right now... everybody do a no snow dance!

also, if anyone is interested, there is a blog about USMC bootcamp that is really detailed. if you've ever wanted to go, know someone who has gone/is going, or just want to check it out...  only is he writing letters to his wife everyday, but she is posting on his blog so everyone can read... and she's pregnant... and she just sold their house and moved all of their stuff without him, because he's in bootcamp!  i think its very admirable!

last note: here is the book i am currently reading (bright lights, big ass)... i would suggest going out and getting any of jen lancaster's stuff... she is real and sarcastic and gives a good viewpoint of the world... so go get this or anything else written by her!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

new world order?

how does doghair seem to get everywhere? i just shook my work keyboard out and found about 4 pieces of hair... i'm at WORK, not home!

anyway, giving this blogging thing a try... keep everyone updated on what we are doing...

working overtime is killing me! i know its only an hour a day but i feel like i've lost about 3, between that and the chiropractic visits almost every night... the good news is that my neck is slightly improving, but i'm skeptical about ever being able to function normally again.
jeremy is at FHI and hating it, but its a job that pays bills for now. we are working on getting his discharge upgraded so he can move on to something bigger and better... hopefully updates on that soon!

Christmas is just around the corner... we, however, have already bought about all the presents we can handle for each other... flat panel tv, 2 sets of tires, mattress... way more than we were planning on. thank goodness for bonuses.

i'll leave you with a picture of what my husband did last week... he and my father are apparently the same person when it comes to messing around with holiday decorations... this is part of my Alaskan Natvity...