Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Joys of Apartment Living

Apparently our downstairs neighbors are ass-hats, for lack of a better term.  Prior to the "Monday Night Incident" I thought they were kind of weird anyway because the guy wears a fishing hat and a long wool coat... he looks rediculous in them... and they have a Mitsubishi Montero, which is a Toyota Landcruiser wannabe, not to mention the "I love my Sharpei" sticker on the back...  You get the point, right?

So Monday night, we are playing around with the dogs in the house, trying to get some of their energy out.  We are chasing them and they are barking (and its around 6:30).  Well about 15 minutes later as we are getting ready to take them out for a potty walk, there is a knock on the door.  The girl that lives downstairs asks us to keep it down because sometimes it gets a little loud... Oh, I didn't know we were doing the complaint thing... I bit my tongue because I didn't want to start a fight. However, there were a few things I would like to tell them...

First off, you smoke in their apartment. Now, I'm all for getting to do what you want in the place you are paying rent for, but since the smoke comes up into our apartment (partially due to the shitty construction of the place), its affecting my life.  You are silently giving me cancer, bitch!

Secondly, whenelver you are out of the apartment, their dog barks constantly, like every 4-7 seconds!  Luckily for some reason, our dogs don't pay attention to it, otherwise we would have a crazy barkfest going on... but its severely annoying on my days off when I'm trying to watch tv in my living room and your dog is barking his fool head off!  Your dog has seperation anxiety and maybe if you played around with him like we do with our dogs, it would be tired when you left and wouldn't freak out all day long!  Mind you this doesn't just happen on Saturdays, its any day of the week when they aren't there. Most of the time, I'm at work so I don't hear it, but Jeremy gets a daily treat.

Third, you chose to live in an apartment, and you picked a bottom floor apartment... News flash: if you don't want to hear noise from other people, move into a house.  Since there is someone usually within 20 feet of you where ever you are in your place, you are going to hear noise... and you are always going to hear us walking around! There is nothing I can do to help you.

Lastly, you chose to be a pet owner... therefore you need to be more tolerant of noise around you! Pets lead a noiser existance (whether you are home or not)... you have to accept that other people are going to make noise too, especially if they have pets.  Just deal with it already. We only play for about 30 minutes a day and we are in bed by 9pm! You will get your required sleep, don't worry. 

Oh, and on a final note, don't even think about having a party, we will break that shit up before your last guests even get to dip thier first chip!

Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend update

So it seems to be a running theme on facebook and gchat today: monday, again?  i, like many of my fellow virtual aquaintances, also feel like monday keeps happening again and again with no repreve! However, to help get you through the day, I will give you an update on how our weekend went.

Friday night, super excited the girls were coming over... however, we had a rotting smell in our apartment that we just couldn't seem to find.  Luckily, I apparently married a man that is half hound dog, because as I was in the bathroom getting ready, he found the smell... no it wasn't by the door, no it wasn't coming from the air vents... it was coming from the back of the fridge! wtf could it be?  we pulled the fridge out and low and behold, there was a dead, rotting mouse in the bottom where the fans are... it was very gross, and i do mean G-R-O-S-S!  I grabbed some rubber gloves and pick that juicy sucker up, ran outside and threw it over the railing into the brush behind the apartments.... then I anti-bacterial wiped the heck out of the bottom of the fridge... thankfully, the apartment aired out before the girls arrived, but there is still a lingering smell in the kitchen. Only time will cure it.

Saturday started very early, as Butters decided she would need to go out every 3 hours because she must have eaten something... so she woke me up at 1:30 frantically whining and panting. Then she went out with hubby at 3... woke me up again at 6 for another round of poop and started gagging around 7 when I pulled her in the bathroom to puke.  Then I figured, I'm up, I'll just take the dogs to the dog park so Reggie can do his business. Came back in and went back to sleep, but hubby came home at 8:30... I managed to talk him into getting in bed with me so I could finish up the night's sleep before we started our day's activities. I did manage to sleep until 10 finally, and then went to breakfast, came home and showered and started our morning.

First, we went to HomeGoods in Rocky Hill to look for a sofa... nothing. We managed to see a Puritain Furniture outlet on our way there so we decided to stop... again nothing.  Headed down to the HomeGoods in Old Saybrook for more shopping... did manage to get 2 cookie sheets and a rubber spatula, but nothing I could sit on in my living room.  Headed back north, where we stopped at mom's to get a spare bed for our spare room (after a trip to Wheatmarket for lunch, yum!).  Got home, set the bed up, took the dogs out and fed them... Then we headed to Bob's Furniture in Southington because they have a Pit and we're looking for a good deal... Sadly, they have the smallest Pit I'd ever seen, so we browsed the floor and decided to head to the Manchester store.  So, at 8pm, we drove all the way there, found nothing new in the Pit, almost bought a cheap sectional, but I couldn't do it for fear that it wouldn't last us more than a year or 2... and I do not want to be doing this again any time soon!  So, exhausted we headed home, where I proceeded to have 2 meltdowns (being married to me is never boring)... first because I am tired of couch shopping, and second because I dropped the plate of snacks that were going to serve as our 10pm dinner on the floor... I was hungry and tired, never a good combo...

Sunday, I only had to get up with Butters once, which was a nice change.  Started our day around 7:30 by taking the dogs to the dog park and then heading to breakfast. We had originally planned to do another round of shopping, but we realized we were so worn out, that we basically did nothing the whole day. Got our grocery shopping done and then watched movies. 

So all in all, the weekend had its ups and downs, and while I want a new couch, I'd be happier if I just opened my apartment door and found a new set waiting there for me. Since thats not going to happen, the hunt will continue...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Freedom of Choice, or Freedom to Oppress?

I was reading an article this morning about how France is proposing to ban women from wearing burqas and how America should consider this also.  While the article seemed thinly veiled in women's rights, the claim that it should be banned because it is oppressive to women isn't a good enough reason for any country to take a stance against them. 

I, too, am weary of Middle Easterners. However, our country was founded on the Freedom of Choice... choosing religion, choosing what we wear, choosing to go to college... and by banning something like this, we are in effect, becoming the very people we ran away from in the first place.  To say that by not wearing jeans and a tshirt is an affront to the western worlds way of life is rediculous! Do we tell Christians they can't wear modest clothes because everyone in the mainstream media is wearing areola bearing v-necks, or skirts so short (without underwear) that we can see if a starlet has herpes? NO! We have the right to choose for ourselves!

We can't start banning cultural differences because we are uneducated about their way of life and therefore afraid.  We need to embrace differences, not only because of what our country supposedly stands for, but because our ignorance is what is causing such anti-American sentiment around the globe.

Oh and here is an unrelated thought... maybe instead of taxing big banks for no reason, maybe we could start taxing them on the bonuses that they give out... that way, they will be detered from giving them out... but more on that another time.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thirst-day is the day for margaritas!

Can't wait to get to Coyote Blue tonight! Drink-in-hand! Happy Trails Combo on the plate!  A girl can dream can't she?

Started a new book today "The Ocean Between Us" by Susan Wiggs... So far, I've gathered that its about a Navy flight dude who is on deployed on an aircraft carrier and his wife and kids are at home... and something happened before he left, but they haven't told us what it is yet... pretty intruigued at this point, but it better be something good! Otherwise, I will be very mad! haha

Today is the day of cleaning! Last night we went to BJs and Stop and Shop to get things for girls night... tonight, before dinner, will be for cleaning the house! No more messy apartment for us! Hubby is at the DMV getting his CT plates right now, then post office and home to vacuum for me! What a wonderful man he is!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mini-Rant: Doctor Appointments

I should save this for another day, but its really getting my goat today.  I hate when doctors don't book appointments in the afternoon, say past 3pm... what is the working world supposed to do??? not all of us can get time off to come see you so you can be out of work in time to get a great round of golf in!  I have medical needs! Start being more flexible!  And don't tell me the latest you book is 2:30, but I can't get one of those appointments for 6 months!!!! WTF! 

Get a clue and start working until 4 or 5 or even 6! One day a week even! This is really what we should be talking about when we say "Healthcare Reform"!  Tell the bratty doctors that they aren't running the show!


Halfway there!  The week is turning out to be quite busy once I get home from work... mostly because (if you know me well) I make lists of things I "HAVE" to do! Haha... when really I'm just punishing myself and the mister.  Last night we went through some of the rubbermaid drawers we have in the spare room. I was trying to clean out some stuff... sadly, we only got rid of 2 paperbags worth of stuff. We have another set of drawers we need to go through as well, but that won't be happening during the week.  I also filed a lot of the bills and such from the begining of this year and folded the 4 loads of laundry that were sitting on the dining room table (Go me!) while Jeremy cooked dinner (Go him!).

Tonight we will be heading to BJ's to pick up some stuff we need as well as some stuff for when the girls come over Friday night.  I will also be starting to cleaning because we haven't really cleaned since we moved in 3 weeks ago... so things are getting a little messy...

Tomorrow night is Coyote Blue with Kris and Bob... can't wait for a blue margarita!!!! Yummy! 

Friday, Elysha, Christina, Olive head, and Ashley are coming over for some much needed vino! I don't think I've seen them since my wedding! I'm a terrible friend!  Anyway, hopefully we can all catch up!

Saturday, picking up a bed from my parents for the spare room... We will officially be ready for guests this weekend! Yay!

Also found out that one of the guys, that works with hubby, family is moving up here on Saturday... so I also have plans to make a lagsana to bring over to them... busy busy busy!  Can't wait for sleeping in Saturday morning!

Anyway, I have bored you all enough! Talk to you later!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday, Funday? or not-so-fun-day...

Ah, yes, it is indeed Monday... For those of us that are unfortunate enough to have to go to work today (which is probably 99% of the productive world), we have been trudging along which this deary rainy weather.  But, rather than dwell on that, I will give you a summary of my weekend...

Friday, we didn't do much... went out for delicious sushi! at Oyama, which is right down the street from out house, and proceeded to fart around Walmart, which is one of my favorite weekend activities.

Saturday, I got to hangout with my lovely past roommates and besties in Manch-Vegas, CT.  We shopped around Evergreen Walk, as promised on Friday's blog. Its proved slightly less productive than I thought, as I was only able to procure one sweater.  We also took a spontaneous trip to BJ's (is there any other kind?) to help Alysser select some delectable desserts and a little snackling for breakfast (yes I made that up... its kind of a mix between smackrel and snack with an -ing at the end). Saturday night, the hubbster and I went grocery shopping, where I decided it would be a great idea to get turkey sausages... NOT a great idea! Yuck Yuck Yuck! Never again! So I had a bite of a sausage for dinner which the hubby had Wendy's... how unfair is that???? Ok, I got to have a buffalo burger for lunch at Ted's Montana Grill, so I can't really complain.

Yesterday, we had our pistol permit class. I was hopeful at the beginning of the class that we wouldn't be there the entire alotted time, but we ended up leaving 30 minutes before class was over.  I did well on the shooting portion (brought my A game biotches!) and only got 2 questions wrong on the test. Yahoo! I can officially apply for my pistol permit!

Now it is Monday, but thankfully the work day is over and has been uneventful...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Almost there!

Yay! Its Friday! Hopefully the work day can go fast! I'm super excited because I get to see the Boston Girlies tomorrow!!!!! Shopping at Evergreen Walk and some lunch!  Gap is also having a sale on sweaters:

So get out there and do some shopping! I will be!

Sunday we get to take our pistol permit class... can't wait! I love shooting at the range.  Sadly, it is going to take us about 2 months to get our actual permits once we send in our applications... so we won't be able to buy anything yet.

Hopefully tonight brings sushi for dinner!  Yummy!!!!!!!!! Have a safe weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Military Spending

I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE military spending. In fact, I wish all of my tax dollars went there. How else are we going to keep ourselves as the biggest super power in the world?  That being said, there is an article about how inept our military currently is, even though we are spending some seriously large amounts of dough (go here if you want to read it).

We need to adapt and we need to do it quickly. First and foremost, the miltary needs to take over the TSA. They are clearly not doing thier job and I think we would all be better served if this was a military operation.  Maybe an M-16 staring the terrorists in the face would be a deterent from trying to sneak bombs on planes... and maybe it will keep those snot nosed celebrities in line too.  I'm not quite sure how this would work yet, but I think soldiers at security checkpoints and on planes (or maybe the Air Marshalls could actually do their job) would make everyone a little safer... and someone that was planning to do something "un-wise" a little more nervous!

I also think we need to start using things that would make the same operation cheaper... F-16's are not the wave of the future for seeing ahead of the troops on the ground. We have to spend our $700 billion wisely, lets not waste it all in one place.

Beef up the Special Forces... Now when I say this, I don't mean lower the standards required to get in.  We need the men in there that are capable of doing the job... but maybe give a little more incentive for it so people are willing to step up and really put their necks on the line.

Here's another HUGE thing... psychological screenings for the members of the military, maybe by non military docs.  Not only could it have changed a personal experince I've had, but maybe it would have prevented the whole Fort Hood shooting.  Not to mention, all of the men and women who commit suicide every year in the military. Its really tragic! We need to get these people help! And quick!

Alright, that's all you can take for now, I'm sure...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To the DMV for the Hubster!

Someone's registration expired on his car, so he gets to spend the day at the DMV!  haha sucker!  don't feel bad for him, i already filled out all the paperwork for him and gathered all the documents he is going to need, so he'll be fine. Although it does suck to be there by yourself all day... so i do feel for him... kinda...

tonight, we are probably picking up dinner from coyote blue! its a delicious mexican restaurant... our favorite one!  thanks to my sister, who got us a gift card for xmas!

not much else going on... watched the uninvited last night... suspensful, but not anything special...

thats it! i'm out!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where is this road taking us?

Some days you just get impatient with the future... I feel like we are perpetually stuck in the same place right now.  The hubster applied for some new jobs yesterday, so hopefully we will hear something back soon... His current company just yanks hime around too much, so its time to switch.  We also need to start exploring the possibility of moving around the country... We told ourselves once the economy picked up, we would try living in a different state. Since it hasn't fully bounced back yet, we aren't going anywhere yet, so don't worry, but we will probably start weeding places out.

On a lighter note, we signed up to take a pistol permit class on Sunday! Yay for guns!!!!!!  It will take about 8 weeks after the class to get our permits and then we can start buying and heading to the range. Let me tell you, shooting is a great stress reliever! I never sleep so good as I do after I've been out shooting. 

Also, another yay! I get to see Kara and Alyssa Saturday for some shopping at Evergreen Walk!  Haven't gotten together since November, so its about time!  Miss those girls a lot!

As for a Chiro Update: I am doing a lot better, about halfway through my treatments. Its feels good to be able to move around like a normal person again. Its like I forgot what living without pain was like (well most days... there are still some bad days).  Lets hope this new year brings no neck pain!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Couch Shopping

So this weekend we did some couch shopping... un-successfully... we found a set that I LOOOOVVVVEEEE at Bob's, but its a light stone color and I just don't think it will work with our dogs. I hate to think I am stuck with getting brown, but I think that might be the safest choice for now. The dogs can't get it dirty and when we do finally have kids, it can take a beating and staining.  Oh well, the couch hunt continues... I keep hoping to find something incredible on craigslist, but I'm also a little sketched out by buying a couch from someone I don't know... Oh well!

Wish me luck on my search!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Diggs

Posting some pics of the new apartment due to popular demand.  Once we get internet back at the new place, you will be able to find a video tour on my facebook page.  I expect visitors soon (hopefully getting a bed for our mess of a spare room this weekend!)





spare room

master 1

master closet

master balcony



Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Happenings

Things I did over my vacation:
1. Exercised!  Everyday except for Wednesday... Although my #2 helped with that Thursday-Sunday
2. Moved! We moved into a bigger apartment at our complex... with no forethought about it... Tuesday I looked at listings on Craigslist. Wednesday morning, I went into the management office to talk to them about it and had all but decided we weren't going to do it... Well, after the all day urging my mother gave me, we went back to the office after I got home from the hair dressers (see #3) and looked at the apartments and wrote out a check. Thursday we got our keys and started moving. Luckily, we unpacked as we went, but there are still a few stray boxes we have left... all in all, definately worth it.
3. Bleached my hair blonde (again)!  Well, had a professional do it.
4. Discovered that Butters now howls when we leave the house... haha it was very funny, although I'm sure our new neighbors are going to hate us... oh well, I guess not everyone can like us!

Alright, short post for today... sadly, we are without internet and tv until friday, so I have to keep these short...