Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend update

So it seems to be a running theme on facebook and gchat today: monday, again?  i, like many of my fellow virtual aquaintances, also feel like monday keeps happening again and again with no repreve! However, to help get you through the day, I will give you an update on how our weekend went.

Friday night, super excited the girls were coming over... however, we had a rotting smell in our apartment that we just couldn't seem to find.  Luckily, I apparently married a man that is half hound dog, because as I was in the bathroom getting ready, he found the smell... no it wasn't by the door, no it wasn't coming from the air vents... it was coming from the back of the fridge! wtf could it be?  we pulled the fridge out and low and behold, there was a dead, rotting mouse in the bottom where the fans are... it was very gross, and i do mean G-R-O-S-S!  I grabbed some rubber gloves and pick that juicy sucker up, ran outside and threw it over the railing into the brush behind the apartments.... then I anti-bacterial wiped the heck out of the bottom of the fridge... thankfully, the apartment aired out before the girls arrived, but there is still a lingering smell in the kitchen. Only time will cure it.

Saturday started very early, as Butters decided she would need to go out every 3 hours because she must have eaten something... so she woke me up at 1:30 frantically whining and panting. Then she went out with hubby at 3... woke me up again at 6 for another round of poop and started gagging around 7 when I pulled her in the bathroom to puke.  Then I figured, I'm up, I'll just take the dogs to the dog park so Reggie can do his business. Came back in and went back to sleep, but hubby came home at 8:30... I managed to talk him into getting in bed with me so I could finish up the night's sleep before we started our day's activities. I did manage to sleep until 10 finally, and then went to breakfast, came home and showered and started our morning.

First, we went to HomeGoods in Rocky Hill to look for a sofa... nothing. We managed to see a Puritain Furniture outlet on our way there so we decided to stop... again nothing.  Headed down to the HomeGoods in Old Saybrook for more shopping... did manage to get 2 cookie sheets and a rubber spatula, but nothing I could sit on in my living room.  Headed back north, where we stopped at mom's to get a spare bed for our spare room (after a trip to Wheatmarket for lunch, yum!).  Got home, set the bed up, took the dogs out and fed them... Then we headed to Bob's Furniture in Southington because they have a Pit and we're looking for a good deal... Sadly, they have the smallest Pit I'd ever seen, so we browsed the floor and decided to head to the Manchester store.  So, at 8pm, we drove all the way there, found nothing new in the Pit, almost bought a cheap sectional, but I couldn't do it for fear that it wouldn't last us more than a year or 2... and I do not want to be doing this again any time soon!  So, exhausted we headed home, where I proceeded to have 2 meltdowns (being married to me is never boring)... first because I am tired of couch shopping, and second because I dropped the plate of snacks that were going to serve as our 10pm dinner on the floor... I was hungry and tired, never a good combo...

Sunday, I only had to get up with Butters once, which was a nice change.  Started our day around 7:30 by taking the dogs to the dog park and then heading to breakfast. We had originally planned to do another round of shopping, but we realized we were so worn out, that we basically did nothing the whole day. Got our grocery shopping done and then watched movies. 

So all in all, the weekend had its ups and downs, and while I want a new couch, I'd be happier if I just opened my apartment door and found a new set waiting there for me. Since thats not going to happen, the hunt will continue...

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