Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Happenings

Things I did over my vacation:
1. Exercised!  Everyday except for Wednesday... Although my #2 helped with that Thursday-Sunday
2. Moved! We moved into a bigger apartment at our complex... with no forethought about it... Tuesday I looked at listings on Craigslist. Wednesday morning, I went into the management office to talk to them about it and had all but decided we weren't going to do it... Well, after the all day urging my mother gave me, we went back to the office after I got home from the hair dressers (see #3) and looked at the apartments and wrote out a check. Thursday we got our keys and started moving. Luckily, we unpacked as we went, but there are still a few stray boxes we have left... all in all, definately worth it.
3. Bleached my hair blonde (again)!  Well, had a professional do it.
4. Discovered that Butters now howls when we leave the house... haha it was very funny, although I'm sure our new neighbors are going to hate us... oh well, I guess not everyone can like us!

Alright, short post for today... sadly, we are without internet and tv until friday, so I have to keep these short...

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