Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Halfway there!  The week is turning out to be quite busy once I get home from work... mostly because (if you know me well) I make lists of things I "HAVE" to do! Haha... when really I'm just punishing myself and the mister.  Last night we went through some of the rubbermaid drawers we have in the spare room. I was trying to clean out some stuff... sadly, we only got rid of 2 paperbags worth of stuff. We have another set of drawers we need to go through as well, but that won't be happening during the week.  I also filed a lot of the bills and such from the begining of this year and folded the 4 loads of laundry that were sitting on the dining room table (Go me!) while Jeremy cooked dinner (Go him!).

Tonight we will be heading to BJ's to pick up some stuff we need as well as some stuff for when the girls come over Friday night.  I will also be starting to cleaning because we haven't really cleaned since we moved in 3 weeks ago... so things are getting a little messy...

Tomorrow night is Coyote Blue with Kris and Bob... can't wait for a blue margarita!!!! Yummy! 

Friday, Elysha, Christina, Olive head, and Ashley are coming over for some much needed vino! I don't think I've seen them since my wedding! I'm a terrible friend!  Anyway, hopefully we can all catch up!

Saturday, picking up a bed from my parents for the spare room... We will officially be ready for guests this weekend! Yay!

Also found out that one of the guys, that works with hubby, family is moving up here on Saturday... so I also have plans to make a lagsana to bring over to them... busy busy busy!  Can't wait for sleeping in Saturday morning!

Anyway, I have bored you all enough! Talk to you later!

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