Thursday, January 14, 2010

Military Spending

I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE military spending. In fact, I wish all of my tax dollars went there. How else are we going to keep ourselves as the biggest super power in the world?  That being said, there is an article about how inept our military currently is, even though we are spending some seriously large amounts of dough (go here if you want to read it).

We need to adapt and we need to do it quickly. First and foremost, the miltary needs to take over the TSA. They are clearly not doing thier job and I think we would all be better served if this was a military operation.  Maybe an M-16 staring the terrorists in the face would be a deterent from trying to sneak bombs on planes... and maybe it will keep those snot nosed celebrities in line too.  I'm not quite sure how this would work yet, but I think soldiers at security checkpoints and on planes (or maybe the Air Marshalls could actually do their job) would make everyone a little safer... and someone that was planning to do something "un-wise" a little more nervous!

I also think we need to start using things that would make the same operation cheaper... F-16's are not the wave of the future for seeing ahead of the troops on the ground. We have to spend our $700 billion wisely, lets not waste it all in one place.

Beef up the Special Forces... Now when I say this, I don't mean lower the standards required to get in.  We need the men in there that are capable of doing the job... but maybe give a little more incentive for it so people are willing to step up and really put their necks on the line.

Here's another HUGE thing... psychological screenings for the members of the military, maybe by non military docs.  Not only could it have changed a personal experince I've had, but maybe it would have prevented the whole Fort Hood shooting.  Not to mention, all of the men and women who commit suicide every year in the military. Its really tragic! We need to get these people help! And quick!

Alright, that's all you can take for now, I'm sure...

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