Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thirst-day is the day for margaritas!

Can't wait to get to Coyote Blue tonight! Drink-in-hand! Happy Trails Combo on the plate!  A girl can dream can't she?

Started a new book today "The Ocean Between Us" by Susan Wiggs... So far, I've gathered that its about a Navy flight dude who is on deployed on an aircraft carrier and his wife and kids are at home... and something happened before he left, but they haven't told us what it is yet... pretty intruigued at this point, but it better be something good! Otherwise, I will be very mad! haha

Today is the day of cleaning! Last night we went to BJs and Stop and Shop to get things for girls night... tonight, before dinner, will be for cleaning the house! No more messy apartment for us! Hubby is at the DMV getting his CT plates right now, then post office and home to vacuum for me! What a wonderful man he is!

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