Friday, January 22, 2010

Freedom of Choice, or Freedom to Oppress?

I was reading an article this morning about how France is proposing to ban women from wearing burqas and how America should consider this also.  While the article seemed thinly veiled in women's rights, the claim that it should be banned because it is oppressive to women isn't a good enough reason for any country to take a stance against them. 

I, too, am weary of Middle Easterners. However, our country was founded on the Freedom of Choice... choosing religion, choosing what we wear, choosing to go to college... and by banning something like this, we are in effect, becoming the very people we ran away from in the first place.  To say that by not wearing jeans and a tshirt is an affront to the western worlds way of life is rediculous! Do we tell Christians they can't wear modest clothes because everyone in the mainstream media is wearing areola bearing v-necks, or skirts so short (without underwear) that we can see if a starlet has herpes? NO! We have the right to choose for ourselves!

We can't start banning cultural differences because we are uneducated about their way of life and therefore afraid.  We need to embrace differences, not only because of what our country supposedly stands for, but because our ignorance is what is causing such anti-American sentiment around the globe.

Oh and here is an unrelated thought... maybe instead of taxing big banks for no reason, maybe we could start taxing them on the bonuses that they give out... that way, they will be detered from giving them out... but more on that another time.

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