Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where is this road taking us?

Some days you just get impatient with the future... I feel like we are perpetually stuck in the same place right now.  The hubster applied for some new jobs yesterday, so hopefully we will hear something back soon... His current company just yanks hime around too much, so its time to switch.  We also need to start exploring the possibility of moving around the country... We told ourselves once the economy picked up, we would try living in a different state. Since it hasn't fully bounced back yet, we aren't going anywhere yet, so don't worry, but we will probably start weeding places out.

On a lighter note, we signed up to take a pistol permit class on Sunday! Yay for guns!!!!!!  It will take about 8 weeks after the class to get our permits and then we can start buying and heading to the range. Let me tell you, shooting is a great stress reliever! I never sleep so good as I do after I've been out shooting. 

Also, another yay! I get to see Kara and Alyssa Saturday for some shopping at Evergreen Walk!  Haven't gotten together since November, so its about time!  Miss those girls a lot!

As for a Chiro Update: I am doing a lot better, about halfway through my treatments. Its feels good to be able to move around like a normal person again. Its like I forgot what living without pain was like (well most days... there are still some bad days).  Lets hope this new year brings no neck pain!

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  1. wooooooo i made the blog! yes, can't wait for a hang out!