Monday, April 26, 2010


So we all know that I'm a bleeding heart when it comes to service members and pets that need homes... So let me tell you about this little fella.  If you live in CT, and are looking for a special member of your family, I have just the pup for you.

He has a deformed front left foot, so the shelter named him Lefty.  It doesn't bother him at all, it just stays close to his chest. He is the goofiest, sweetest guy you could ever want. He also has a handsome face and really just needs a family to love him! My mom tried to make it work, but the dog she already had wasn't having any of that, so she had to bring Lefty back :( If I didn't already have 2 dogs of my own, I would take him in a heartbeat. 

Anyway, if you live in CT or know someone who does, I implore you to have them call up Wallingford Animal Shelter and adopt this dog!!!!!  Its keeping me awake at night! He just needs some love! He's been in the shelter for 7 months... Help him find his forever home!

Wallingford Animal Shelter

5 Pent Road
Wallingford, CT 06492
Phone: 203 294-2180
Fax: 203 294-2181

Friday, April 16, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

What a Treat!

Saturday night, after going shopping for groceries and other weekly purchases, we didn't get home until around 7. I was set on making strawberry freezer jam because I found a recipe last week and heard that strawberries are super cheap right now because of something about the orange season running into the strawberry season (or something like that). So after purchasing 4 pounds of strawberries and a case of jelly jars, I ended up with 9 jars of strawberry jam.  Its pretty delicious, if I do say so myself!  Its not quite the consistancy of normal jam, but its more delicious and way more natural!  So yeah, if anyone needs some, we have a freezer full!

After that, I was feeling lazy and not super hungry, but my wonderful hubby decided he was going to make dinner! 

Being a dork

Garlic Bread! Yum!

We sat down to eat dinner around 9pm. I felt very European! haha.  It was quite a delicious meal!  And a very nice treat to be able to watch Real Housewives of NYC while having the hubster cook!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Someone needs to step in here

Alright, so I didn't agree with the bailout, but I'm kind of ok with the government stepping in to help regulate the way credit cards are fee'd.  Some of it is good, and some of it requires the credit card companies to become more creative in the way they make money off of us.

The next thing that needs to become more regulated is the airline industry.  Maybe you have read the above article, or have heard in the past day that Spirit Airlines will start charging $45 per carry on bag that has to go in the overhead compartment. Maybe you haven't heard any of this and you are now as shocked as I was when I found out.

This is outrageous!  First of all, because Spirit was the first airline that started charging for checked baggage, which means that this carry-on fee could soon become a reality at other airlines.  Secondly, it jacks up the already inflated prices even more!  Say you are going on a weekend jaunt and you only need a small bag for your apparel and necessities.  And lets say you scored a sweet deal, like you are flying from Providence to D.C. (I'm pretty sure that's a route Spirit flys), for say about $99 each way (without taxes and other fees).  Well unless you can stuff all of your things for the weekend in a purse that will fit under the seat, you've just added another $90 to your "cheap" trip.  Lets not kid ourselves though, you weren't paying $198 for your tickets anyway, it was probably closer to $250 after fuel surcharges, taxes, use charges, breathing charges... you get the idea.  So your trip turned from $200 to nearly $350... and forget about buying a snack or beverage either on board or at the terminal... You are probably pushing $400 before you even get out of the airport!

All I'm saying is that this needs to be regulated and standardized.  The government should step in here and make travelling a more pleasant experience for us all (seeing as its seems we need full body cavity searches and to sign the rights away to our first born child before we can even get in the airport).  Put a stop to the mindless charges!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Food Obsession

Yes, I am aware I just posted something, but I think this deserves its own post.  My latest food obsession is these little fellas

They are really delicious! Kind of like granola chips, if you will (or even if you won't... fine, be that way)!

Anyway, I've been bringing a bag to work with me and if I feel a little rumbly in my tumbly, I grab a small handful and it seems to stave off the hunger until I get to break or lunch.  They have lots of whole grain stuff like oats, barley, spelt, quinoa, amaranth, and flax.  I secrelty wonder if I should pour milk on them and eat them for breakfast haha.  Anyway, now that I'm done plugging them, walk, no RUN out and get some for yourself! While you are there, pick up some Yogi Tea also! They have a lot of natural flavors for that. 

Yogi also makes this flavor of Granola Crisps, but I haven't tried them yet... not a huge fan of raisins so I probably won't be trying it anytime soon.

My Drive to Work

So I took some pictures on my way to work this morning, mainly because it was such a lovely day already!

Some pretty trees in my complex

Sun peaking through the trees

Sun behind cloud cover

Portland Bridge

Any my favorite one of all...

My car twin!

So yeah these are just some of the sights I see every day on my drive to work, although its the first time I've seen the trees look like that in the first picture.  Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You've been caught!

So I'm trying to go through all the photos that I take with my phone for some new posts... spicing things up a little bit. Here is today's photo

Yup, thats Roodle in the bathtub. For some strange reason, he likes go get in there and lick around when someone gets out of the shower. I think he is just thirsty, but he has a bucket full of water (yes, we buy huge buckets from Lowe's for the dogs' water), so I'm not quite sure why he likes going in there. But none the less, no matter where you are in the apartment, you can hear when he jumps in the tub... and if you yell at him (from where ever you are) he will get out... and leave a trail of muddy paw prints  in his wake.  Here's another picture for your enjoyment.

Devil Dog Roodle
Also, note all the Axe products in the background... yes my husband is obsessed!  Enjoy your Tuesday!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Adventure Day!

I hope everyone had a grood Easter (yes I said grood on purpose... if you don't know where that's from, don't worry about it)!  We went to my maternal grandparents for the holiday and had lots to eat with my parents and 2 cousins. It was a rather small holiday for that side of the family. Usually there is between 18 and 20 of us and there is a lot of hustle and bustle. It was weird being so quiet! Haha

Saturday, we decided we were going to have an Adventure Day!  It really started Friday night when we took the dogs for a walk and decided to go off trail to the old train tressel that is just sitting in the woods off the bike path that we normally walk on.  Reggie was gung-ho for an adventure, although Butters has to be carried across.  We let them run around in the woods for a little bit before we leashed them and continued on our walk.  We decided that on Saturday, we would have an adventure and come back to the tressel, as well as go farther on the walking path because we could see that it was flooded and it might be fun.

So Saturday morning, we got up and went to breakfast at our fav place - Cromwell Diner - and then came home and took the dogs on our adventure! We even packed a backpack with treats, water, and flipflops for wading! This time, we were able to bribe Butters onto the tressel with a trail of treats, although on recrossing it, she just followed like it was a natural thing for her!  Reggie also almost fell off the tressel because he decided he wanted to turn around a bunch of times. Luckily, I was right next to him and helped him back on.  We then went on to our wading adventure... The water was way deeper than I expected, pretty much crotch level. So we put on our flipflops, put the sneakers in the backpack and hiked up our shorts. Unfortunately for me, the crotch area of my shorts got wet, and since they were grey, when I folded them down, it pretty much looked like I peed my pants for the rest of the walk. But whatever, it was great to have 2 tired dogs for the rest of the day!

Our next adventure was going to the Brass Mill Mall in Waterbury.  The hubster said it was a really cool mall (he had gone there with his boss about a week ago).  So off we went! I had to return a sweater anyway, so I figured what harm could it do.  Well, bottom line, other than Gap, there is no store I would shop at... So I guess you could say we struck out at the mall.  But at least we know!

Yesterday, we got up and took the dogs on another tressel walk, although we avoided the rest of the trail.  We figured it would be good to tucker them out before heading over the river and through the woods...

All in all, a very nice weekend with the hubby! Here are some tressel pics for your enjoyment:

Roodle walking across

Oh Hi Mom!

Butters looking unsteady



Getting trailed by 2 mutts!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Its friday and we are already 1/4 through the year! Holy Crap!

Don't really have much to write about, just wanted to let you know I have some ideas for blogs that will be coming in the near future!  So don't worry, I won't be boring for much longer! Hopefully next week, they will start rolling out!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter this weekend!

I'll leave you with a picture I took on my phone one day while we were in the car. Don't remember what we were doing or where we were going, but I thought the sky was really awesome looking!