Monday, April 5, 2010

Adventure Day!

I hope everyone had a grood Easter (yes I said grood on purpose... if you don't know where that's from, don't worry about it)!  We went to my maternal grandparents for the holiday and had lots to eat with my parents and 2 cousins. It was a rather small holiday for that side of the family. Usually there is between 18 and 20 of us and there is a lot of hustle and bustle. It was weird being so quiet! Haha

Saturday, we decided we were going to have an Adventure Day!  It really started Friday night when we took the dogs for a walk and decided to go off trail to the old train tressel that is just sitting in the woods off the bike path that we normally walk on.  Reggie was gung-ho for an adventure, although Butters has to be carried across.  We let them run around in the woods for a little bit before we leashed them and continued on our walk.  We decided that on Saturday, we would have an adventure and come back to the tressel, as well as go farther on the walking path because we could see that it was flooded and it might be fun.

So Saturday morning, we got up and went to breakfast at our fav place - Cromwell Diner - and then came home and took the dogs on our adventure! We even packed a backpack with treats, water, and flipflops for wading! This time, we were able to bribe Butters onto the tressel with a trail of treats, although on recrossing it, she just followed like it was a natural thing for her!  Reggie also almost fell off the tressel because he decided he wanted to turn around a bunch of times. Luckily, I was right next to him and helped him back on.  We then went on to our wading adventure... The water was way deeper than I expected, pretty much crotch level. So we put on our flipflops, put the sneakers in the backpack and hiked up our shorts. Unfortunately for me, the crotch area of my shorts got wet, and since they were grey, when I folded them down, it pretty much looked like I peed my pants for the rest of the walk. But whatever, it was great to have 2 tired dogs for the rest of the day!

Our next adventure was going to the Brass Mill Mall in Waterbury.  The hubster said it was a really cool mall (he had gone there with his boss about a week ago).  So off we went! I had to return a sweater anyway, so I figured what harm could it do.  Well, bottom line, other than Gap, there is no store I would shop at... So I guess you could say we struck out at the mall.  But at least we know!

Yesterday, we got up and took the dogs on another tressel walk, although we avoided the rest of the trail.  We figured it would be good to tucker them out before heading over the river and through the woods...

All in all, a very nice weekend with the hubby! Here are some tressel pics for your enjoyment:

Roodle walking across

Oh Hi Mom!

Butters looking unsteady



Getting trailed by 2 mutts!

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