Thursday, April 8, 2010

Someone needs to step in here

Alright, so I didn't agree with the bailout, but I'm kind of ok with the government stepping in to help regulate the way credit cards are fee'd.  Some of it is good, and some of it requires the credit card companies to become more creative in the way they make money off of us.

The next thing that needs to become more regulated is the airline industry.  Maybe you have read the above article, or have heard in the past day that Spirit Airlines will start charging $45 per carry on bag that has to go in the overhead compartment. Maybe you haven't heard any of this and you are now as shocked as I was when I found out.

This is outrageous!  First of all, because Spirit was the first airline that started charging for checked baggage, which means that this carry-on fee could soon become a reality at other airlines.  Secondly, it jacks up the already inflated prices even more!  Say you are going on a weekend jaunt and you only need a small bag for your apparel and necessities.  And lets say you scored a sweet deal, like you are flying from Providence to D.C. (I'm pretty sure that's a route Spirit flys), for say about $99 each way (without taxes and other fees).  Well unless you can stuff all of your things for the weekend in a purse that will fit under the seat, you've just added another $90 to your "cheap" trip.  Lets not kid ourselves though, you weren't paying $198 for your tickets anyway, it was probably closer to $250 after fuel surcharges, taxes, use charges, breathing charges... you get the idea.  So your trip turned from $200 to nearly $350... and forget about buying a snack or beverage either on board or at the terminal... You are probably pushing $400 before you even get out of the airport!

All I'm saying is that this needs to be regulated and standardized.  The government should step in here and make travelling a more pleasant experience for us all (seeing as its seems we need full body cavity searches and to sign the rights away to our first born child before we can even get in the airport).  Put a stop to the mindless charges!

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