Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You've been caught!

So I'm trying to go through all the photos that I take with my phone for some new posts... spicing things up a little bit. Here is today's photo

Yup, thats Roodle in the bathtub. For some strange reason, he likes go get in there and lick around when someone gets out of the shower. I think he is just thirsty, but he has a bucket full of water (yes, we buy huge buckets from Lowe's for the dogs' water), so I'm not quite sure why he likes going in there. But none the less, no matter where you are in the apartment, you can hear when he jumps in the tub... and if you yell at him (from where ever you are) he will get out... and leave a trail of muddy paw prints  in his wake.  Here's another picture for your enjoyment.

Devil Dog Roodle
Also, note all the Axe products in the background... yes my husband is obsessed!  Enjoy your Tuesday!

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