Saturday, December 19, 2009

my views on the bailout... aka i'm going political on your asses

so since a snow storm (that we are still waiting for) decided to crap on all my weekend plans, i figured i was obligated to write something today to at least keep lers entertained on monday when she gets back to work... so here is my rant about the "little" bank bailout situation:

i think the stupidest thing that could have been done with our money, was in fact what happened... why give the "people's" tax money back to them? what on earth would be the point of that??????? noooo, lets give it to all the banks that are having a hard time because they over extended themselves on loaning out money... that way their executives can continue to spend $200,000 on vacations, and God forbid they have to shop at the Gap or Target like the rest of us, so please, spend my money keeping them in Michael Kors or Armani Suits...

Here is a novel idea... how about we, the people who have been paying all these years, get the money back for ourselves... the economy is bust, don't you think we could use more than $600 to stimulate it? we all have debt! i don't know a single person that doesn't... why not help "the people" out? did you know that the bailout averaged out to around $31,000 per tax payer????? wtf!?!?!?!?!? how did i have no say in where 30k of my money was going? i could certainly have used that to pay off some of my debts... and then the banks wouldn't be over extended anymore... that old 2 birds, 1 stone theory? well someone should have applied it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now all these banks are starting to repay the money... great! but what are we going to do with it??? pay back the 2 trillion of national debt... haha fat chance! give "the people" a chance to get their debt under control? hahahaha i can't even answer that one with a straight face... but use it for universal health care coverage? that is actually only going to increase the cost of health care? i think the men in the military say it the best: find the most logical way to do something, and then... do the opposite... yeah that sounds about right!

so yes, i definately disagree with the way the current administration is handling things. i hate that my hard earned tax dollars are going for things i have no control of... however i will say this... the one thing i will never argue with is increasing military spending... when that happens, i will always keep my mouth shut, but that is a topic for another post.

good night and good luck!

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