Monday, December 21, 2009

un-HAPPY 1st day of winter!

we are starting off this lovely season by watching the History Channel special Sniper: In the Crosshairs... its a pretty awesome special... some of the stuff those guys can do is amazing! too bad its a boy's only club... women aren't allowed in infantry... oh well, i guess maybe there are some lines we shouldn't cross?

waiting for the spaghetti pie to finish cooking in the oven so we can eat dinner! yum! can't wait!

tomorrow night is the engagement party for my cousin and his finacee, which means, getting to spend more time with the fam this week... should i be happy or sad about that? but good news, only 2 more days of work this week! yahoooooo!!!!!!

alright i will leave you now! sorry for the short post!

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