Wednesday, December 16, 2009

sleepy, sleepy wednesday...

i am starting the day fighting with my eyelids to keep them open. just ran to the caf to get a cup of coffee to coax them into seeing for the next 9 hours... we'll see how that goes...

our new bed is devine! last night we were watching julie and julia, which by the way, is actually a very funny movie, and all i would think was how comfortable the mattress was... which made it all the more difficult to drag my ass out from under my 700 thread count sheets (yes, my parents call me the princess and the pea)...

last night we went to target and got the last of the neices and newphews gifts for xmas... shipping the last box today or tomorrow (because tomorrow is the cut off date for shipping in time for xmas... it's also, coincidentally free shipping day at a lot of retailers, so you should check out and see if any of your favorite retailers are participating).

hoping i get a call from bj's today that my tires came in... im running on baldies right now... everybody do a no snow dance!

also, if anyone is interested, there is a blog about USMC bootcamp that is really detailed. if you've ever wanted to go, know someone who has gone/is going, or just want to check it out...  only is he writing letters to his wife everyday, but she is posting on his blog so everyone can read... and she's pregnant... and she just sold their house and moved all of their stuff without him, because he's in bootcamp!  i think its very admirable!

last note: here is the book i am currently reading (bright lights, big ass)... i would suggest going out and getting any of jen lancaster's stuff... she is real and sarcastic and gives a good viewpoint of the world... so go get this or anything else written by her!

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