Tuesday, December 15, 2009

new world order?

how does doghair seem to get everywhere? i just shook my work keyboard out and found about 4 pieces of hair... i'm at WORK, not home!

anyway, giving this blogging thing a try... keep everyone updated on what we are doing...

working overtime is killing me! i know its only an hour a day but i feel like i've lost about 3, between that and the chiropractic visits almost every night... the good news is that my neck is slightly improving, but i'm skeptical about ever being able to function normally again.
jeremy is at FHI and hating it, but its a job that pays bills for now. we are working on getting his discharge upgraded so he can move on to something bigger and better... hopefully updates on that soon!

Christmas is just around the corner... we, however, have already bought about all the presents we can handle for each other... flat panel tv, 2 sets of tires, mattress... way more than we were planning on. thank goodness for bonuses.

i'll leave you with a picture of what my husband did last week... he and my father are apparently the same person when it comes to messing around with holiday decorations... this is part of my Alaskan Natvity...

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