Monday, February 1, 2010

Updates from the Weekend!

Ok, so yuck to it being Monday, again!  But this weekend was super fun, so I can't really complain (although I can hope that the next weekend comes very quickly).

Friday, we had the Ahsang's over for dinner (turkey and buffalo lagsana! super delicious!). Their kids are freaking adorable! We hope they find a suitable house up here quick so we can get together with them more often!

Saturday, ready for this... we BOUGHT furniture! The couch search is OFFICIALLY OV-A!  It's getting delivered this coming Saturday, which is another reason I'm super excited for this coming weekend!  Aside from the sales lady being totally dense about splitting the amount between 2 cards and freezing up my bank of america account which took a 30 min phone call to resolve...  Anywho... we also went to Worcester to have a late lunch with the Boston Girlies!  Ate at Nancy Chang's, no relation to PF, but has a son Ignacious (sp?) which is totally unrelated to anything but we found to be a cool fact.  Then we were off to Wholly Cannoli for some delicious cannolis and dynamite sticks (I also purchased some italian valentines cookies, which i promptly began consuming once we got home). 

Yesterday, we didn't do much... went out to breakfast and to Walmart, but slacked on the grocery shopping... then proceeded to watch the entire season of Solitary 3.0. If you've never heard about it, look it up because I'm sick of it! haha  We also found out, interestingly enough, that our downstairs neighbors are a pain in managment's ass so we are free to be noisy until quiet hours start and can disregard any complaint they have... so suck on it!

Hope everyone's week goes swimmingly!

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