Monday, February 8, 2010

Crazy Weather We're Having?

So, its been a very interesting few days in our area to say the least.  Let me start with last week... Thursday morning, apparently the complex next to us started burning around 1:30am.  I'm not going to lie and say it was crazy... I was completely oblivious to it. What was interesting though was that there were still news vans parked in our parking lot when I left for work at 7am.  I guess they wanted to get the scoop. The building that burnt is the one closest to our complex, so I guess they got a good angle from where we are.  The building is now condemed. I hope for the sake of everyone that lived there things get figured out quickly. Fortunately no one got hurt, and I think that is the most importand thing.

Then Friday, we were going to get DQ/Wendy's for dinner because I have been super lazy lately since I am fighting this cold or whatever it is.  On the way to the car (we took the dogs along for a ride), the asshat neighbors (from downstairs) were taking their dog somewhere too... So needless to say there was some barking and growling. But the interesting part, aside from them having an "I love my Sharpei" sticker on their car, was that they named their dog "Fifi"... I mean you can't  make this stuff up, really now people!  Fifi? Seriously? No wonder you wear a queer fishing hat!

Anyway, Saturday, we got our new couch and chair! They are wonderful! Firm but super comfy! We even took a nap on the couch.  And we saved the cushions from the old couch and put them on the floor so the dogs have a comfortable place to sleep and we don't feel bad about not letting them on the new furniture. See the pics below! We are keeping blankets on the seats incase the dogs get any ideas.

Sunday, there was an explosion in Middletown at a new power plant.  We didn't feel it in the apartment, but apparently my family in the Chester/Deep River area did... and everyone in New England heard about it.  Thanks for the concern! We are fine!  Sadly, there are 5 confirmed deaths and they aren't sure if there is anyone else trapped in the plant. Hopefully we find out soon!

And that brings me to today... Recently, we got our tax return and I paid off a credit card.  Well today I found out the Bank of America decided to decrease my credit limit on that card now from $4500 to $500! WTF is the point of even keeping the card now????? I hate BOA and everything they stand for! They get to use my tax dollars to bail themselves out but then screw me over when it comes to credit/debt ratio... Thank you Bank of America, you sons of bitches! See if I pay the other 2 cards I have with you before I pay Chase... Thanks! I hope you go bankrupt!

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