Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Needing a Change of Pace

I'm not sure if its the summer weather we've been having lately or having been at the same job for 3 years now, but I am in dire need of a change. 

I know, I know, you are probably saying things like "but you just got married", "moved in with a guy", "moved out of your parents", which is all fine and well while it was new, but we are now settled into a routine.  Its time to mix it up!

I want new experiences, to see different parts of the country and the world, not to be stuck in a grey cubicle day after day.  And the politics of being at a place for too long have just become unbearable here.  I know I have a job and its a rough economy out there. I should be thankful for what I have.  And I am, at least for what I have outside of work.  But here, I can see the days dragging out the same way they always have, year after year, with no hope of ever advancing... and that is something I cannot stand for too much longer.  I need to be able to grow! I've worked too hard this far to be stifled!

Let's hope God has something great planned for us soon!

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