Friday, June 25, 2010

Chamard Vineyards, Clinton, CT - 06/19/2010

This vineyard is right off of 95, next to the Clinton Crossings Outlets.

Its a very picturesque vineyard to visit.  There was actually a bachelorette party and a rehersal dinner going on there on different parts of the grounds. 


Driving in

A pond on the grounds...

...with a fountain!

The buildings and grounds are very inviting, which made it so dissapointing when the wine was less than good.  I'm not going to beat around the bush, so we'll just move on to the tasting:

Chardonnay - This was the only white that was drinkable.  It was slightly citrus-y, but there was still a lot of oak-y notes.

Estate Reserve Chardonnay - Too oak-y.

Cabernet Franc - Alright for a red, but it definately didn't have a flavorful taste like I was expecting from the description.

Merlot - This definately had a licorice taste too it.  I almost had to hold my nose to get it down.

Sangria - Not on the list and for good reason.  This tasted like drinking potpurri.

Our overall experience here was very poor.  The workers were rude and unattentive.  The wine wasn't even mediocre.  We also did not get a logo glass, although I'm not sad about it.  I wouldn't recommend visiting this place, but if you choose to and also have a bad experience, there is always retail therapy nearby to recover.

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