Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Summer Activity

Giving you all an update!  The hubby and I have decided to tour the vineyards in CT as our fun thing to do this summer.  There are 29 vineyards here now and a wine festival July 31 and August 1.  We set off for our first adventure this past Saturday and boy was it a fun day.  I will be giving you guys more details and a review on the wines we tasted in seperate blogs to give you something to read, as well as give you an idea of if you would like to go to the places we have gone. 

For more information, you can go to for a partial list ( I think they have 21 vineyards listed there), however, when you visit any of the vineyards, there is a passport that you can pick up and get stamped at every vineyard you go to.  It has the full list. AND, if you get 16 vineyards to stamp your passport, you can enter it into a drawing for a 13 night trip to Spain!  Sound pretty great, right????

So get your butts to CT and be a wine-o! And let us know if you are coming because we will gladly visit one with you!

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