Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bishop's Orchard, Guilford, CT - 06/19/2010

This place reminded me of Lyman's Orchard Apple Barrel.  Its kind of like a farm stand type of store. There is a tour that is not on the site that costs $10 per person. We didn't participate in the tour, just the tasting.

For $6 each, we chose 6 wines and got an etched wine glass.  This is where traveling in a couple really came in handy because we got to try 12 out of the 14 wines they offer.


Circle 1
Stone House White - A pretty good table blend, although nothing to write home about.
Whitfield's Pearadox - The pear flavoring in this was completely overpowering. I could barely get through this one, although my husband like this better than the Stone House White.

Circle 2
Celebration - This reminded me of the White Menage a Trois (my favorite by Folie a Deux) without most of the notes I like.
Faulkner's Spiced Apple - Definately not a fan.  I don't really like apples so this didn't do it for me. Very heavy apple taste.

Circle 3
Farm House Hard Cider - I couldn't distinguish between this one or the New England Hard Cider. All I know is, I'm not a Hard Cider fan.
New England Hard Cider - See notes above. Not worth repeating.

Circles 4 & 5
Honey Peach Melba - I could definately taste the honey flavor, but the fruits in these wines seem to take on an almost rotten taste and really wreck the flavoring that could be there.
Apple Raspberry Blush - This was alright, a little drier than the Honey Peach, but kind of dull.
Blushing Beauty - Pretty clean, although too sweet for me.
Amazing Grace - Definately too sweet and overly fruity

Circle 6
Strawberry Delight - Basically tastes exactly like strawberry jam.  The woman working suggested using this on a dessert instead of drinking it. I could see that would be an acceptable use for it because it was way too much to drink.
Hyland Red - Went well with the chocolate that was in my mouth, but alone was too sweet.  The woman working said this was probably the least sweet of all the sweet wines, just an fyi.

You can browse the store to take home some farm fresh goodness after you are done tasting.  They sometimes serve samples so you might be able to fill up before you go on to your next adventure.

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