Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cassidy Hill Vineyards, Coventry, CT - 06/25/2010

Look for this sign if you are coming from I-84

This vineyard all the way at the end of a road, but its actually quite quaint.  There is a barn on the property where they make the wine, a log cabinesque building for the tasting room, as well as the owners' house.

The building they use for tastings

You can wander among the vines or take a walk out to The Thinking Tree and sit on a bench underneath it surrounded by tall grass the blows in the breeze. It is a very peaceful setting.

Nice area for picnics


The Thinking Tree

Ok on to the wines!!!!

Tastings are $5.00 and you can buy an etched glass for an additional $3.00.  Since this is what we are doing instead of taking vacations, we resolved to buy the glasses if we had to.  The glass actually had a pretty nice shape.

Logo is inspired by the Thinking Tree

2009 Pinot Gris - This is actually my favorite type of white wine and Cassidy Hill did not dissapoint. It was everything a pinot gris should be, light, fruity, almost slightly citrusy, that feels effervescent on the tounge.  Consequently, this is the only bottle of wine we bought the whole day.

Winding Brook - It was oaky but a pleasant oaky.  A little fruity, not too sweet.

2009 Coventry White - Not overly sweet, citrusy notes

Jet's Red - Named after the vineyard dog, it had clove undertones and is made with blueberries, although I couldn't taste them.  The clove was a different touch than you normally see in reds.

They were also releasing a riesling the next day, but we didn't get to sample that.

Trying the Jet's Red

Also note: they usually have live music on Friday nights, so if you are in the area, stop by for a glass!

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