Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sonic VIP Opening in Wallingford, CT!!!!!

Some pics of our trip to the soft opening of Sonic this evening! It was amazing! Fun fact: Sonic was where we had our first date 2 years ago! Also, sorry for the crappy quality, I took these on my phone because we didn't have our camera in my purse.

sonic in wallingford


super excited!

we are special!



drive thru

holy crap!

sonic bliss

patio area

the damage


  1. OMG i stubbled on your page!! && i'm from CT too I can't wait to go to the Sonic I'm super excited about it!!! What was your favorite thing you ate there?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I think my favorite thing is the Ched'r Peppers. I just love those things! Let me know when you finally get there and what you think!

  3. It was for 2 people but it was dinner for 2, lunch the next day for 2, and i think a snack or 2 in there... we were eating sonic for a few days just from that order!