Saturday, July 10, 2010

Taylor Brooke Winery, Woodstock, CT - 06/25/2010

This is on a hill on the side of the road. They don't have a lot of room to grow, but they make a surprising number of wines for what they do.

They are the only vineyard in CT that is growing and producing the Traminette grape.  It was also the 6th anniversary of being open to the public the day we went.  So Happy Anniversary, Taylor Brooke!

All the labels on their bottles are from local artist Tom Menard and they are all pictures of the town the vineyard is located in, Woodstock, CT.

Their tasting room has recently undergone renovations to expand it.  Walking in we saw this flag

So I immediately knew this was my kind of place...

We got to chat with the owners for quite some time (Suggestion: do your tours on a friday, its a lot slower so you actually get to chat with the owners).  What began as a hobby turned into this business for them!  Awesome! Inspiration for the future!

Ok, the wines....

Woodstock Hill White - slightly effervescent, clean finish

Riesling - most rieslings made in CT are dry, much to my benefit.  it had a peachy finish

Traminette - like smelling a bouquet. slightly floral taste

St. Croix Rose - dry and smells like strawberries, which is strange because it is not made with any

Green Apple Riesling - has almost a cheese smell to it. was ok

Summer Peach - smells and tastes like eating a Georgia peach

Cabernet Franc - dry and clean

Woodstock Valley Red - on the dry side, smells and tastes oaky

Roseland Red - has some cherry on the finish

Late Harvest Riesling - a sweet riesling, definately got a hint of honey in the taste and smell

Chocolate Essence - almost like eating a chocolate cake with raspberry sauce

Tastings are 2 for free, 8 for $4, and all for $6.

And you can purchase a logo glass for $3. This one has the logo painted on, not etched like the majority, so I would be careful about using after the fact because you could lose the logo.


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  2. Nice so cool! I want to do this on my wine glass to making etched glass so fantastic!