Friday, July 9, 2010

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program...

Ok, I know I've been writing about wine a lot lately, but I thought I would give you an update on the neighborly situation, seeing as there has been some recent activity.

On Saturday, we got a notice in our door from the complex managment saying that they have gotten some complaints and due to our dogs "Excessively Barking" we were in violation of our lease. They were asking that we keep our slider doors closed to help muffle the noise.  Now, I know my dogs aren't excessive barkers, they may bark for like 30 seconds a few times a day when they hear something or when the downstairs neighbors let their dogs out, so the hubby and I decided to do a little investigation.

We talked to our upstairs neighbors to find out if it was them that complained and to apologize if the dog barking was bothering them. They really are good upstairs neighbors so we would truely feel sorry if our dogs were pestering them.  Fortunately, it wasn't them and they said they rarely ever hear anything from our dogs except for an occasional bark at a normal time. So from this we deduced that it was our nemeses... the dreaded downstairs neighbors... (Cue the scary music) Duh Duh DUUUUHHHHHH!!!!!

Now, I'm not a strict rule follower, there are certain things I bend on. If you know me, you know I speed and I harbor dogs that are on the lam (haha).  Contrarily, I have a high level of morality on most things and that I expect others to follow the rules I do follow.  But usually, I go by the "live and let live" philosophy (you'll see where I'm going in a minute) because I would be a hypocrite otherwise... So imagine my surprise when I get cited for adhering to the lease because my dogs are barking, when the neighbors that complain do all of the following:
1. Allow their dogs to bark all day when they aren't home... and I'm not talking woof woof and done, I'm talking for about 5 hours straight of a bark every 5-10 seconds - Yeah I know, they probably aren't aware of it because they aren't there, but maybe they should think about the fact that their dogs probably aren't perfect and they should have a little bit of tolerance.
2. Let their dogs out to potty behind the apartment - Ok I know this sounds like I'm a wicked witch and all, but its in the lease and its a law that the dogs have to be on a leash at all times in public.
3. Don't pick up the solid waste that the dogs are leaving behind when they are off leash - again, in the lease and a law

We had also heard from management before that these people lived in another apartment in the complex and kept complaining about a dog they lived near and that is why they moved to the apartment they are in now... but boy did they pick the wrong neighbors to live under. I have a feeling that the other neighbors probably just took their complaints lying down, but we aren't that kind of people so we took action. 

Hubby went to the office when he got home on Monday and told management all of the above.  They let us know they didn't put the letter we had recieved in our file, they just put it in the door so the people downstairs wouldn't think they were being ignored. Management thanked him for letting them know about the off-leash and crap situation mainly because maintenance would end up being the ones who took care of all the crap behind the apartment if it continued.  So the downstairs neighbors are being cited for real! HAHAHA revenge is a dish best served cold!

The thing about it is, if they didn't complain and showed a little tolerance, we would never had said anything.  But don't try to get us in trouble for not really doing something wrong if you aren't doing everything right. They brought this on themselves.  We live in apartments, and it isn't realistic to expect silence 24 hours a day when you are 10 feet from your neighbors... and you have 2 dogs.  Hopefully they got a reality check and they will think twice next time.

That is all for now my lovelies! I will continue my reviews shortly, I promise.  I have been slacking lately and I apologize!

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