Monday, March 29, 2010

my least favorite day of the week

yes, its monday... if you haven't guessed. 

Haven't had much to say lately, plus I spent last week getting ready for a customer visit on Thursday and Friday.  Everything went well, so that's super good.

This past weekend we didn't do much, pretty much grocery shopped and half cleaned the house.  Hubby spent 2 hours making tortillas yesterday, so now we have a stock of that in the fridge in case anyone cares haha.

Today we have the Gold Medaling Olympic Bobsled team as well as their sled visiting work. I think I'm going to stop by and see them before lunch.

Other than that, nothing major going on.  Pretty standard life here, kids! Hopefully you are all starting your week out delightfully!

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  1. Hey Mia! How are you?! Glad you like the soy misto as much as I do. I'm pretty obsessed as well :-)