Monday, March 15, 2010

Middletown Nissan presents...


Yep, thats right folks... after an exhausting Saturday of car shopping, I settled on this guy! He's my new baby!  I will be picking him up tonight after work! Yay!!!!!

After getting up at 4:45am Sat to drop Sunny off at the airport, we headed back to sleep for a few hours.  Then it was showers, McD's for breakfast and we were on our way to Bristol to see a man about a 4runner.  The reason I liked the 4runner was because it was a on a truck chassis and it had a 3rd row, but upon getting to the dealership and seeing the it, the 3rd row is, according to my husband, more like a stadium seat cushion layed on the floor.  We still test drove it and it had a good ride, but were dissapointed.  They then showed us a Highlander, also with a 3rd row which was way more functional than  the 4runner. You actually had foot space!  And it had a V6 which was much better than the 4 cyl one I had driven on Thursday.  We left there feeling pretty confident with the Highlander but still had another 4 cars to see.

Next, we headed to Hamden to look at a 2007 Edge.  I had loved this car when I had one for a rental the weekend I met the hubby in NC.  But after driving the Toyotas, it just didn't do it for me. The brakes were soft and there is a HUGE blindspot!  We skipped the next dealer where we were going to look at a 2008 Edge. We grabbed a soy misto at Starbies (recommended by Biochemista... I don't know why I ever doubted her!) and lunch at Panera before heading back to Middletown to go to the Nissan dealership.

My intentions were to look at a Pathfinder, Xterra, and Murano, but we didn't even get into another one after the Pathfinder.  And they sweetened the deal by offering me an additional $1000 on my trade-in over what the other dealers were offering me.  So we signed the paperwork and submitted the credit apps.  I get to finalize everything today and then take it home! 

I'm definately glad that I don't have to deal with worrying about my car anymore.  Sadly, it will be taking a big chunk of money from me monthly, but now we can drive places and not worry!  Here are some more pics:

Front Row


2nd Row

3rd Row!

Rear View

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