Wednesday, May 12, 2010

its that time again... toof cleanin' time

does anyone else suck as much as i do about getting regular bi-annual cleanings?

sometime between when i graduated college and now i had a cleaning... it had been 4 years since i had had one.  i'm going in today for another cleaning. again, i can't remember the last time that i was there, but i know it was in the last 3 years sometime...

but seriously, am i the only one who does this? do i really care that much if i don't get my teeth cleaned twice a year? i mean i had braces for 5 years when i was younger, causing me to visit the dentist once a month... for FIVE YEARS!  i've had my fill of dental work, thank-you-very-much!

anyway, after today, my teeth will be squeeky clean... until i forget to make my next appointment...

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