Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Great House Adventure

You may or may not know that we have been on the hunt to purchase a house since last July or April, but we got really serious around December, mainly because hubby's credit improved enough to put him on the loan, which increased our purchase price considerably.

We put our 6th offer in on our 5th house (put an offer in on a house, withdrew it, made an offer on a different house, got rejected, revised said 1st offer and resubmitted it) on Sunday, February 19th. Sunday night, after a little negotiating, we got verbal acceptance! Monday the seller sent the contract to his lawyer and, lo and behold, Monday night, we received our signed contract. Today, Tuesday, I have forwarded it to my loan originator and our lawyer for review. We have our inspection Thursday, which I will not be present for since the hubby has better availability. Then its on to the next steps:
          VA Appraisal
          Probate Court
          Final Loan Approval
We are hoping for a closing date of April 20th, so keep your fingers crossed!

Unfortunately, we had to give up our lease on our apartment because we didn't want to be charged an arm and a leg for our last few months here if we went month to month. So, come Easter weekend, we will be living with my parents until we close. Lord, help us!!!! and I am totally serious, because we are going to need help to keep from killing each other! All our belongings are going into storage starting sometime in the beginning of March so we aren't rushing around at the last minute. I also don't think we are hiring movers for leaving the apartment, although we may hire them for moving into the house.

So, that is our update for now. Sometime in the future, I'll include our laundry list of projects! Oh boy, what fun! haha

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