Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unrealistic Expectations

Why is it that I think its ok to not write an entry in my blog for a month, but I expect my friends to update their blogs and sites every day?  Here's a little snippet of what happens pretty much every morning... I log into my computer and discover that said friends don't have an update.

I immediately get mad, like "Don't they know I need something to do all day? Because clearly I can't be expected to work for 8 hours straight.  What is my employer thinking? What is this, a concentration camp?  Its bad enough I gotta be here all day, when I could be sitting on my couch petting my dog, but to actually have to do something productive? Gimme a break... Ok did anyone post anything yet?"

Then upon discovering that, alas, there are no new posts, I frustratedly check news.google.com for the 4th time that hour (surprise, surprise, nothing new on there either!) and procede to throw my mouse and walk to the bathroom in a huff. As soon as I get back, the cycle starts over again.  Thankfully, Dell makes some pretty robust mice (mouses? mices? moose?). 

Disclaimer: some or all of this story may or may not be true or false

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